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[28] QUESTION 3 A three-phase, 22.5 kW, 6-pole, 525-volt, 50 Hz induction motor is tested on no load, and on locked rotor. The results are tabulated below: NO LOAD TEST LOCKED ROTOR TEST 525 v Vsupply = 150 V lo = 10 A 50A Too = Po = 1.36 kW | Poc = 4.4 kW 3.1 3.2 Calculate the no load and locked rotor phase angles. Calculate the expected starting current if started, “Direct-on-line”. 3.2.1 From this information, construct the basic circle diagram. Use a current scale of ampere = 1 millimeter. 3.2.2 Determine the input power on starting, find the scale for the power. 3.2.3 What is the maximum output power? 3.2.4 If the ratio of the stator copper loss to the rotor copper loss is 2:1, construct the Torque line for this machine. (3) 3.2.5 Predict the rated current of this motor by construction & measurement. (5) 3.2.6 From Question 3.2.5 above, make a construction in order to find the input power & efficiency on full load. (3) 3.2.7 Find the rated speed. [31] TOTAL [100] 19


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