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A horizontal circular platform (mass of 140.1 kg, radius of 3.27 m) rotates about a frictionless vertical axle. A student (mass of 95.3 kg) walks slowly from the rim of the platform toward the center. The angular speed of the system is 2.5 rad/s when the student is at the rim. Find the angular speed when the student has moved to a position 1.97 m from the center. The platform is now rotating with an angular speed of 1.16 rad/s, and the student walks ON THE GROUND next to the moving rim while applying a tangential force to the rim of 2.43 N in the same direction as it is rotating. What is the magnitude of the torque supplied by the student to the platform? After 15.1 s have passed, what is the angular speed? How far (in meters) did the student travel during this time?


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