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A square loop, side L, with resistance R sits in a uniform magnetic field as shown below. The field is directed into the page and the loop initially lies in the plane of the page X X хх X X X X X X х X X X X X X х х X хх X Find the current in the loop under the following conditions: a) The loop rotates in/out of the page about any side with constant angular frequency o and the magnetic field, Bo is static, b) The loop rotates in/out of the page with constant angular frequency and the magnetic field is oscillatory, given by B(t)B,cos(50t) c) In this case, you don’t have to calculate the current – simply sketch the current as a function of time. Specify whether the current is clockwise or counterclockwise The loop is now stationary, lying in the plane of the page as shown. The magnetic field is given by a square wave with period T as shown below: time 2T T


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