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The topic for the research paper is “Non-Verbal Communications in Korea.” Make sure to answer these 5 main questions in addition to give a general factor/research & summary of the topic. 1. What are some of the non-verbal communications in Korea and the KoreanLanguage?2. How does non-verbal communication relate to honorifics in Korean? In what waydoes it support it?3. In what ways does non-verbal communication play a role in Korean culture?4. How does non-verbal communication differ across cultures? How are theysimilar/different from Korean non-verbal communication?5. What are the differences in nonverbal communication between the two genders? I have attached step by step process of SOME of my research. In the outlines, I have attached the resources and references. ONLY USE MY WORK AS A SAMPLE. You can take the information and add it into the paper only if it is reworded. It is just extra but not all the research that is needed for the paper. The post Any topic (writer’s choice) appeared first on Template.


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