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16:31 Done LAB-Inheritance.pdf He an application for shipping container management. Ber to solve above mentioned requirements, it is necessary to implement several d e Class Container will be base class of container hierarchy. It holds information about the weight and type of the container. Type can be normal container, refrigerated container or toxic materials container. It is necessary to create beans for each type of container. Create dass Ship.Ship cames containers to the port. Each ship has space for me number of containers (part of that is for refrigerated and to materials containers Toxic materials containers cannot be mixed with others. Als, cach hip has carrying weight Ship can print out which containers are in its cargo hold Once the ship is in the port, the cargo must be unloaded to trucks Truck casas maximum carry weight and total number of containers it can load. Again, it is no adable to mix caro containers with others. Truck clackout of trucks needed to unload the ship – Test your application in main


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