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a) There has been an intense debate on Aggregate Demand an Aggregate Supply side policies. Please read this blog from a few years ago. may want to watch the following video with this debate theme; are also others pay attention to the same issue: Question: Based on your readings on the topic (textbook, above links), which side is right (Aggregate Demand side or Aggregated Supply side)? Why?b) After reviewing these sources, write a report (clearly typed in a MS-Word file using MS-Word). Your report should be broken into two sections: Section 1: Summary of the Issue (two paragraphs long, 5-10 sentences in each paragraph): Tell me what the issue is, what major points the authors were conveying, and what their conclusions were. Do not copy/paste excerpts from the articles or various web-sites. Summary should be in your own words and should be based on your understanding of the issues covered in the articles. Section 2: Your Thoughts on the Issue (two paragraphs long, 5-10 sentences in each paragraph): Based on your review of the materials, please comment on the question above (critically evaluate the issue; provide supporting evidence, examples for your own point of view). The post Article review appeared first on Template.


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