Car rental application project –

-This should be a project report for a course called “Network Models and Project Management”.– General instructions and report outline will be attached ( please follow strictly). _ The idea of this project is to choose any idea as a project and then working on it as if its a real life project by applying all the methods and techniques learned from the course. – all methods needed are mentioned in the report outline attached. – feel free to suggest any different project ideas which you may think they’re better. for the suggested idea that I’m asking you to write on, I wrote a small background on the company or project that I’m “supposed to” initiate. background : Its a Kuwaiti rental online car sharing marketplace company based in Kuwait. It allows users to book any car they want from local hosts who were selectively chosen to assure vehicle diversity across Saudi Arabia, this service is accessible through website or via an application on smart phones. The company does not own any of these vehicles, on the contrary it allows local citizens to benefit from their own (property). And the company will benefit by receiving commissions every time a user books a car. PS: it’s the same idea as “Turo” app, please check it out and try to imagine that we’re creating this app from the stat then write the report. – it’s basically like Airbnb but for cars. feel free to contact me if anything is not clear, thank you!. The post Car rental application project appeared first on Template.


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