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Given the cell diagram: PART IV: Tin and Zinc Cell: Zn/ZnSO4(1.0 M) // Sn(NO3)2 (0.25 M/Sn; salt bride is KC 1. Write the cell reaction and calculate the theoretical voltage using 1.0 molar solutions for both zinc sulfate and tin (II) nitrate. 2. Calculate the theoretical voltage for the cell described above (that is using 0.25 molar tin (II) nitrate in place of 1.0 molar). Show all work. 3. Complete the picture to the right by a. Use electrode a as the anode. What metal is electrode a? b. Use electrode b as the cathode. What metal is electrode b? c. What is solution 1? d. What is solution 2? solution 1 e. Use an arrow to indicate the flow of electrons in the cell. solution 2 f. What substance is “in c”? g. What flows from c into solution 1? h. Which electrode gains mass? i. Which electrode loses mass?


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