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The company is Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL). A word of advice It is not possible, nor necessary, to complete every calculation and to include a copy of every screen that we have shown in the lectures and seminars. If you did do that, you would exceed the word count. Some items are not relevant for some companies. Hence, it is down to your judgement what to select. However, do bear in mind this extract from the coursework advice “It is expected that you will draw upon a range of literature, industry journals, Bloomberg, The FT, and other information sources throughout your report to provide support for your arguments. (ii) Excel Spread sheets You must submit an excel spread sheet into Turnitin in order for the markers to be able to see how you have calculated figures such as VaR, GAGR, DCF valuations (this is not an exhaustive list, just some examples). This must be a single file, with clearly marked tabs for each worksheet to show which calculation is on which page. Hints for spreadsheet presentation: Ensure your name does not appear on the spreadsheet so as to preserve the anonymous marking principle. Give each worksheet in your spreadsheet a title which explains what information is included. Label the spreadsheet tabs ‘sheet 1’ etc. with an appropriate name For spreadsheets, set out your calculations in a clear and consistent manner to enable the reader to follow your logic, stating what formulae you are using and use the comment 4. Appendices 1. Include results of any analysis, tables, data, and other visual aids etc. that would otherwise clutter your report. For example, you could include the key findings from your SWOT analysis in your report, with the full SWOT analysis as an Appendix. 2. Note that the main body of your dissertation must be independent of the appendices; key information should be contained within the main body of text . The reader should only have to refer to the appendices for additional supporting information and to check calculations. 3. Appendices do not count towards word count. 4. Only include supporting information in an Appendix that has been used as part of your report. Do not include items of passing interest 5. Be mindful of the size of the appendices, and do not make it so extensive it detracts from the dissertation itself. 5. Executive summary : This is NOT an abstract. The summary should be about 250 words. The purpose is to allow a busy fund manager to read the 250 words and be clear on what you are recommending and why. You ca‌‍‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‍‍‍n include the cut off time if you are time- limiting your report. 1. I notice a few queries on the discussion board relating to FCFF-free cash flow to firm- in connection with DCF valuation.. I am unsure why these questions are being asked as you are not required to undertake a FCFF cash flow based valuation. If you did undertake a FCFF based valuation for 2 stage growth, and if you did it correctly, the valuation should be exactly the same at that for FCF discounted at Ke, cost of equity. My advice to you is to ignore FCFF in the coursework. We do cover FCFF/WACC valuation somewhere in the lectures, but this is simply to enable you to understand how it works if you ever come across it in your furture work or in an exam on a different module. 2. On the spreadsheet that those of you who attended the seminar downloaded, there is a tab marked “reconciliation”. The purpose of that page was for those of you who are interested in Accountancy to be able to see where the bloomberg figures had come from. There is no need to show all these calculations at all in any way in the course work. 3. The only figures you may want to reconcile are the FCF and FCFE from the latest audited account in connection with a “no growth” or “constant growth” DCF valuation. See slide 22 on the powerpoint uploanded on the tutorial folder. If PN doesn’t reconcile check the subtotals on the template (red boxes) against the sub totals on Bloomberg for Total assets, Total liabilities and Total shareholder funds. If they don’t match you have missed something! If everything reconciles and a reasonable assumption has been made on cash then your answers will be correct. If ROE is more than 4-5% away from Bloomberg there could well be clear explanations for this such as exceptional losses/gains or significant changes in the balance sheet over the 2 periods. If you are genuinely struggling and by all means, contact us but you must first have undertaken all of the above checks, reviewed all of the videos and undertaken your own research. If you wanna log in to Bloomberg terminal to find some data?please let me know A lot of data and calculations need to be based on Bloomberg, and the use of Bloomberg is explained in a video at the bottom of some lecturer You can check my Google mail on the school homepage and search for the keyword mgt3009 in it. There will be some mentor requirements, such as a sample analyst report. If you have any questions about the coursework, you can report to the discussion board before December 7 ?the teacher will answer you‌‍‍‍‍‌‌‌‌‌‍‍‌‌‍‍‍‍‍‍r questions Click here to request for this assignment help Detailed Instructions Download |  The post Company Analysis and Valuation : Royal Caribbean Cruises (RCL) appeared first on My academic Support.


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