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EMM3601/1010/2019 ASSIGNMENT 03 QUESTION 1 A 1200 KVA 11/33 N. 50- three phase Dyn 11 ransformer is subjected to both the open and short circuit tests, yielding the following results OPEN CIRCUIT TEST SHORT CIRCUIT TEST Vasos 33kV Vino 650 V (Reper to figure 1 7.3A I below P.- 6.71 KWP 8.89 kW Determine 1.1 The no load current per phase, in RECTANGULAR form, referred to the HV. side The non 1.2 13 14 1.5 1.6 1.7 How would you know, without being told that the short circuit test was probably supplied on the H.V side? Support your argument with calculations Was the SCT carried out strated full load currents? (Note: You must ALWAYS check this even if it is not asked!) The percentage mpedance for impedance Voltage”) The full load copper loss, and from this, the R. The equivalent impedance per phase, referred to the side. The efficiency of this transformer under the following conditions 1.7.1 Full load, at a power factor of 0.9 1.7.2 40% of full load, at a power factor of 0.75 1.7.3 The maximum amiciency at a power factor of 0.98 The full load terminal voltage on the liv. side when the transformer load power factor is 0.8 lagging 1.8 19 Show how you would connect this transformer according to its designated vector group. Use Figure 1 to help you. Transformer R A , H.V. A Three-phase supply Figure 1


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