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22.     Write an object-oriented program with constructor, default constructor, copy constructor and destructor to read a set of lines from stdin and store them in an array A; again read two strings S1 and S2 from the stdin and check whether the given string S1 is in the array A. If it is, replace the string S1 with the string S2 and print the updated array. For example, A  = concatenate S1 = cat S2 = 123 The updated A is con123enate 23.     Develop an object-oriented program in C++ to read the following information from the keyboard: employee name employee code designation years of experience age Construct the data base with suitable member functions for initialising and for destroying the data, viz. constructor, default constructor, copy constructor, destructor, static member functions, friend class, this pointer, inline code and dynamic memory allocation operators—new and delete.


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