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Use the following scenario for questions 11-15: A local ice cream shop wants to see if they should promote a new swizzleberry swirl or creamsicle flavored drink. In order to determine which one to promote, they took a sample of 80 patrons and asked them to choose which they preferred. The one that is significantly preferred over the other (at a .05 level of significance) will be promoted. It is expected that an equal number of patrons will choose each flavor. Based on the observed frequencies given below, what is the decision for this test? Flavored Drinks Sw a my Swirl Creamsicke Flavored Flavored 28 52 Oberved Result 11. What is the Null Hypothesis? 12. What is the Research Hypothesis? 13. What are the expected frequencies for each drink? 14. What is your chi-square value? 15. What is your conclusion?


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