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The MATLAB® files for a wind farm in a 6-bus radial system (Figure 15.49) used in Example 15.7 can be found in the WT_Model folder. The WTG is located at Bus 1 and the infinite bus is taken as Bus 6. The Simulink® file WTG can be used to simulate various disturbance responses. It is necessary to first edit the asyst5_init.m file to set up the disturbance condition. Then run the asyst5_master.m file to set up the parameters and initial condition in the MATLAB workspace before starting the simulation. a) Simulate a wind gust response using the wind gust profile in the file asyst5_init.m. The wind gust drops from 14 m/sec to 8 m/sec and then goes back up to 14 m/sec as a sinusoidal function. (Adjust wmag in asyst5_init.m.) b) Simulate a wind gust response using a wind gust profile similar to Part (a) except that the wind gust goes from 14 m/sec to 18 m/sec and then goes back to 14 m/sec. c) Simulate the disturbance response for a 200 msec fault on Bus 5 starting at 1 sec, keeping the wind speed constant at 14 m/sec. Clear the fault without tripping a line (there are no parallel lines to trip) (Adjust Tfault and Tclear in asyst5_init.m.) d) Continuing from Part (c), simulate the disturbance response for a sufficiently long fault so that the WTG becomes unstable. e) At 1 sec, reduce the voltage at the infinite bus by 0.04 pu in a step function. This can be accomplished using the Vref input of the excitation system of the synchronous generator used to model the infinite bus. (The Vref input can be found in the Simulink® diagram. Also adjust the parameter Step_time in asyst5_init.m.) For each disturbance, plot the wind speed, pitch angle, mechanical power, generator active and reactive power, bus voltage magnitude, turbine speed, and generator speed. When appropriate, plot some of the variables in the same plot. Comment on the wind turbine dynamic response in each case. Make sure the MATLAB® workspace is cleared before starting a new simulation.


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