short (2 para.) summary/response paper –

Using both the dictionary definition of the word intelligence and the essay written by Isaac Asimov below as your two sources, write a well developed, two paragraph summary and response essay that adheres to these requirements: 1. An objective summary (what youll be doing in your very first paragraph) is a condensed, no personal account of the main idea and features of a text. The summary portion of this exam should:   – cite the author and title of the essay, using correct punctuation  – state the thesis of Asimovs text  – use one direct quotation in yo summary and document appropriately,   – include author tags using appropriate attribution   – avoid summarizing minor details  – use the literary present tense  – maintain an objective tone avoiding editorializing or interpretation 2. The response portion of this exam (what youll be doing in your secon and final paragraph of this short essay) is subjective (personal) and may consist of either your agreement or disagreement to what the essay says, your textual analysis of how it is written, or your own personal reflection on your reaction to the essay The post short (2 para.) summary/response paper appeared first on Template.


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