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Required Texts:  Wood, J. (2014). Interpersonal communication: Everyday encounters. 8thEd. Boston, MA: Wadsworth.Carnegie, D. (1981). How to win friends & Influence people. Revised edition. New York, NY: Pocket Books.Johnson, S. (1998). Who moved my cheese?New York, NY: Putnams Sons. Something New AnalysisIn this paper, you will use the theories and ideas learned in this course from Wood, Johnsonand Carnegie books to thoroughly analyze the characters, plot, relationship development,relationship maintenance, and relationship deterioration in the movie Something New. Thispaper is to be a minimum of eight (8) pages in length, typed, 12 pt. times new roman font, APA,double spaced, and free from errors. This is due Week 10.In an effort to demystify this assignment, an example of how to set this paper up might be asfollows:1) Detail the plot and describe each main character in the movie Something New,2) then use the text book by Wood to analyze elements of Kenya and Brians relationshipand/or Kenya and Marks relationship such as the self, perception, listening, conflictmanagement and the communication pattern during conflict within, dimensions ofromantic relationships and guidelines to consider when for communicating in romanticrelationships.3) Use the Johnson book and Carnegie book to analyze Kenya and Brians over allcharacters.Keep in mind that you are trying to find and apply the ideas discussed in the texts in thecontext of the movie and the movie characters. I realize not everyone will have a positiveresponse to this movie; however I am NOT looking for your opinion on the movie. Rather Iwill be evaluating your paper based on your understanding of the theories you find and how thecharacters embody those theories. One last thingI believe in each one of you to complete thispaper and score very high on it. So dont forget to breathe, be present, and believe in yourself. The post something new movie analysis appeared first on Template.


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