Student Protests –

During the 1960s and 1970s, college students oftentimes protested raising concerns over social conditions in society such as racism and sexism.  They would hold protests, picket, or even march on the Mall in Washington D.C.  During this period of history, some social change was birthed throughout the colleges and universities of the U.S through the way of social movements. Up until just recently (e.g, Black Lives Matter), some people argue that todays students are not actively engaged in social change and furthermore express little interest in promoting it.  Do you believe this to be a fact?  For those students who are involved in social change, it generally means posting something on social media.  Does posting something on social media truly represent the same caliber of commitment and action to fighting injustices compared to participating in a march or conducting a sit-in? Are you personally active in promoting social justice?  If yes, what has motivated you to take action?  If no, why not?  The post Student Protests appeared first on Template.


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