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Consider the DC permanent magnet motor whose datasheet is appended to this assignment. Assume that a model motor is connected to an ideal 24 Volt DC source. compute the speed of the motor in rpm when the motor is delivering 10 N-cm of torque. Please enter your answer as a whole number in the space provided. Type/Baureihe 1.13.049.XXX 201 202 Characteristics Nenndaten Rated voltage Nennspannung 12 24 Rated power Nenleistung 13 Rated torque Nenndrehmoment 40 Ncm 40 Rated speed Nenndrehza 3100 rm/mis 3100 Rated current Nennstrem 20 No load characteristics Leerlautdaten 4600 00 No load speed Leerlauldrehzah /nin 04 Leerlaufstron 02 No load current Anlautdaten Stall characteristics Ncm Statl torgue Anlaumoments 64 32 Anlaitstrom A Stall current Performance characteristics Leistungsdaten Abgabeestun M max. Output power 10 max Dauerdehmonet mas Constant torgue Motorparameter Motor parameters 210 Gewich Weight Utg nt 14 Rotor inertia Oe 48 Anschsiderstand 2 4 Terminal resistance ndutii inductance Mach Zeitkonstanter Mech tne constant Jnlante factsin.chant erstes)


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