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HNC/HND Construction and the Built Environment 2Higher National Certificate/Diploma in Construction and the Built EnvironmentAssignment Brief Unit Number and Title30 Advance structural designAcademic Year2020/2021Unit TutorDr Shahab Samad and Dr Suryanath GhimireAssignment TitleAdvance Structural designIssue Date12th October ,2020Submission Date21st December,2020IV Name & DateV. Oke This is a written report/assignment. You are to submit calculations, diagrams, sketches and other materialrelated to your solution. Written responses must be clearly presented on A4 sheets. Your completedsolution must be clearly indicated. Unit Learning OutcomesLO1 Explore deflection due to wind loadings, on fixed structures, and strategies to resist wind loading.LO2 Determine bending, shear and deflection for complex support conditions.LO3. Design complex columns and piled foundations based on calculations. LO4 Explore the designof tensile structures.LO4 Explore the design of tensile structures.Assignment Brief and GuidanceSCENARIO The Client who is a private investor needs a three storey, framed college building. The building frame provides thestructure for a series of high specification lecture rooms, exhibition hall and meeting rooms which are intended to be builtin the south of England, around Heathrow Airport. The college block can be developed with steel or concrete or acombination ofboth. The college block has a plan dimension of 50m by 30m. Height of each storey is 3m. The span ofthe beams and columns can be chosen based on RC or steel frame. Outside the college building, there is a space to beused for exhibitions which needs to be covered with a tensile structure. Submission FormatHNC/HND Construction and the Built Environment 3Part 1 – Wind loadingCalculate the following wind loads for the above scenario. For the basic wind speed Vb choose a city name starting with your firstinitial. (If you can’t find any city named with your first initial use the second letter of your first name.). Please write all the formulasclearly and referring to the clause no, figure no or Table no of the standard you are using. Assume the wind blowing towards thelonger direction of the building. Dynamic wind pressure (for the city starting with your first initial)loads on the building long wall due to windOverall lateral load on the building due to windUplift load on the roof.In addition, you are to:Discuss methods to resist/manage wind loads.Discuss the relationship between the building form and wind loads.Provide calculations for stiffening than may be required. Part 2 – CantileverDesign a cantilever beam of span 4m using 275 grade steel. the beam is carrying a Dead load of 10kN/m and an imposed loadof 15kN/m. Calculate the bending moment, Deflection and shear force.Design the same beam using Reinforced concrete in order to select the most appropriate. Calculate the bending shear anddeflections. Evaluate the types of connection that will be needed to provide the cantilever and design. Discuss the relationship between bending, shear and deflection. Critically evaluate steel and reinforced concrete and their structural efficiency in managing bending, shear anddeflection. Part 3- Column Design, Foundations types Design the columns with eccentric loading in grade 275. Use dead load= 350kN and Imposed load = 500kN.Apply the moment on the column due to the eccentricity as stated in BS5950.            HNC/HND Construction and the Built Environment 4 Prepare design information required for the given scenario utilizing piled foundations and steel columns. Also calculate the loads on the piles and select a suitable diameter of reinforced concrete pile.Discuss the benefits of using Building Information Modelling in the design workflow.Assess the most effective foundation type for a given scenario in terms of ease and speed of construction, economics,safety and environmental factors Part 4- Tensile Structures Give three examples of different types of tensile structures. Provide the general design criteria for tensile structures. Provide two different design solutions for the exhibition space roof in the given scenario. Compare the two tensile solutions to a given scenario. Choose one of the tensile structures suggested for the given scenario and justify your selection.HNC/HND Construction and the Built Environment 5 Learning Outcomes and Assessment CriteriaPassMeritDistinctionLO1 Explore deflection due to wind loadings, on fixed structures, and strategies toresist wind loading.D1 Calculate and size the type oflateral stiffening required to resist windloading for a given structure.P1 Calculate wind loads on fixedstructures.P2 Discuss methods to resist or managewind loading.M1 Analyze the relationship betweenbuilding form and wind loading.LO2 Determine bending, shear and deflection for complex support conditions.P3 Calculate bending and shear incomplex support conditions.P4 Determine deflection in complexsupport conditions.P5 Evaluate structural connections inrelation to complex support conditions.M2 Discuss the relationship betweenbending, shear and deflection.D2 Critically evaluate differentmaterials and their structural efficiencyin managing bending, shear anddeflection.LO3 Design complex columns and piled foundations based on calculationP6 Calculate the axial load carryingcapacity of complex column, witheccentric loading.P7 Calculate the axial load carryingcapacity of reinforced concrete piledfoundations.P8 Prepare design information for astructure utilizing piled foundations andsteel columns.M3 Discuss the benefits of usingBuilding Information Modelling in thedesign workflow.D3 Assess the most effectivefoundation type for a given scenario interms of ease and speed ofconstruction, economics, safety andenvironmental factors.LO4 Explore the design of tensile structuresP9 Discuss different types of tensilestructures.M4 Compare tensile structural solutionsto a given scenarioD4 Justify the choice of tensilestructure solution for a given scenario.P10 Design a simple tensile structurefor a given scenario


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