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Coventry University7057CEM Digital Communication SystemsTutorial: M-ary modulation1. Show how to transmit the message m=100110001101010111 using 8-aryAmplitude Modulation. Find the corresponding amplitudes of the transmittedsignal and calculate the difference between the symbols. Given that themaximum amplitude is 3 Volts.2. A certain data source has a bit rate of 9600 bit/s. Determine the Nyquistbandwidth and null-to-null bandwidth for each of the following modulationmethods:a) BPSKb) QPSKc) 8-PSKd) 256-QAM3. Data with bit rate 9600 bit/s are transmitted using 8-FSK. The lowestfrequency used is 8 MHz. Assuming orthogonal spacing, determine thefrequencies used for each 8-FSK symbol.4. A constellation diagram consists of eight equally spaced points on a circle. Ifthe bit rate is 4800 bps, what is the symbol rate?5. What is the bit rate for a 1000 symbol/s 16-QAM signal?


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