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REQUIREMENTS FOR ALL LAW ASSESSMENTSUnless otherwise instructed by the unit assessor, the following guidelinesmust be followed for all written law assessment.PRESENTATIONOne of the overall objectives of the School of Law and Justice courses is toproduce graduates who can present written material free of grammatical,punctuation and spelling mistakes. Accordingly, your work will be markedwith this objective in mind and your mark will reflect any deficiencies in theseareas.Assignments must be prepared using Microsoft Word (if you do not haveMicrosoft Office, download free from Technology Services).Although presentation requirements may differ between units, unlessinstructed otherwise you must comply with the following: the completed School of Law and Justice assignment cover sheetattached as the first page of the assignment; Times New Roman or Arial or similar font; a font size of 12 point; 1.5 spacing; a minimum of 2.5 cm margins; include name and/or student number on each page; number pages; footnotes (not endnotes or in-text referencing) must be used; and A bibliography including all sources included at the end of the paper.WORD LIMITTo encourage clear, concise and efficient writing, assessments will besubject to a word limit. Unless instructed otherwise the following apply: the word count must be accurately stated on the cover sheet; the specific word limit requirements for each unit of study aremandatory and there is no 10% leeway policy. to ensure fairness to all students a unit assessor has the discretion toeither refuse to mark the words that exceed the word limit or to imposea penalty if the word limit is exceeded; footnotes that contain only citations or bibliographic information arenot included in the word count. However, where footnotes include textand commentary, the additional words may be counted. As a generalrule, the length of your footnotes should never exceed 10% of theprescribed length of the assignment; the bibliography is not included in the word count; all other text including headings and quotations are included in theword count.Note The Word Count function in Microsoft Word is used to count words forall law assessment. You should not rely on the Turnitin Word Count functionwhich includes cover sheet and references.ACADEMIC WRITINGInclusive languageDo not use language which is discriminatory. Preventing discrimination onthe basis of a person’s gender, marital status, race, culture, religion,ethnicity, disability, sexual preference or age is University policy. Seethe University Inclusive Language Fact Sheet.Academic integrityAcademic integrity refers to students practising honesty in their academicactivities. It covers misconduct and plagiarism. Please familiarise yourselfwith the following university policies before submitting assessment:  AcademicIntegrity&misconductincludingplagiarism: Assessment22: Access PolicyProcedures–Section2,point  Academic misconduct including plagiarism: Rules relatingto awards – Section 17, points 90–98: Access Policy Text Matching Software Policy: Access PolicyReferencingLaw assessments must be referenced in accordance with the AustralianGuide to Legal Citation (AGLC). The latest edition of the AGLC can beobtained from Melbourne University Law Review, Law School, TheUniversity of Melbourne, Victoria, 3010 studying a law unit as part of another degree may requestpermission of the unit assessor to use the referencing style used in theirschool.SUBMISSIONUnless otherwise specified, all law assignments must be uploaded to the unitBlackboard site on or before the due date.Assignments should be uploaded as one Microsoft Word (.doc or .docx)document to the Blackboard unit learning site in accordance with theassessment instructions.Assignment cover sheetThe Cover Sheet and instructions for completing the cover sheet are locatedin the School Guidelines folder in the learning sites.As part of the cover sheet you are required to complete the originalitydeclaration confirming that you have read and understood the universitypolicy regarding academic integrity and you are submitting your own work.In addition, you are required to complete details obtained from the Turnitinoriginality report.Assignments submitted without a cover sheet may not be marked.Late assignmentsAssignments submitted after the due date without an extension will bepenalised in accordance with the University Assessment Policy andProcedure.See Penalties for late submission: Assessment Procedures – Section 2,points 23–26: Access PolicyApplications for special considerationAn application to vary the submission date for an assessment item must besubmitted on the relevant eForm following the prescribed process outlined inthe Assessment Policy and Procedure folder.GRADESStudents will be graded in accordance with the University GradingCategories. See Grading Categories: Rules relating to awards – Section 7–12, point 45–80: Access PolicyThe University Grade Descriptor will apply. See SCU Grade DescriptorsGuidelines – Section 3QUERYING A MARK/GRADEA query of an assessment result must be made in accordance with the SCURules Relating to Awards – Rule 3 – Coursework Awards – StudentAssessment, particularly Section 14.Note:(i) Whilst the rules do not provide a right to a review or remark of acompleted assessment item, a Unit Assessor has a general discretionto approve a remark. A review or remark of an assessment item willonly be approved if a student is able to provide cogent written reasonsexplaining why the mark awarded is not appropriate with reference tothe marking criteria and feedback provided on an assessment task.(ii) In the event that a Unit Assessor approves a review or remark, studentsmay receive the same mark, a higher mark or a lower mark than thatreceived in the first instance.A Query of a final grade must be made in accordance with the SCU RulesRelating to Awards – Rule 3 – Coursework Award – Student Assessmentand Examinations, particularly Section 15.


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