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ASSIGNMENT Youmustansweralltasks. Scenario You have been selected as a part of a team to advice the client on the intended project and the act as Design and Build contractors for the project. Based on the drawings provided for, please answer the following questions. You are required to be as practical as possible with your answers, making reasonable assumptions where necessary. First Floor Block work for outer walls of ‘CORE HOUSE’ onlyFloor finishes to bathroom in ‘MOVE ON’ flats only Second Floor Doors to bedrooms in ‘CORE HOUSE’ only Specification Masonry BRICK/BLOCKWALLING All external masonry Brick/Block walls are made of Class B Engineering Brickwork 102.5 mm thick brickwork, skin of walls fixed with Cement and Sand Mortar (1:3). FLOOR FINISHES FOR BATHROOM Floor finishes in bathroom for core house made of Argenta 450mm X 450mm Marmaris Gris Bathroom Floor Tiles fixed with adhesive. DOORS FOR BEDROOMS High pressure laminate Komfort PolarTec 910 x 2110 single doorsets; aluminium frames, including ironmongery and all other fixing accessories. Task 1 (20 marks, 1,000 words) To ensure the success of the project, the client wants to ensure all the necessary information required for planning the project are in place. As a professional with knowledge on project planning and scheduling, you are required to write a report outlining the following A report evaluating the different documents required for planning the project and the importance of these documents to the success of the project. (600 words)Discuss the importance of having accurate information on the project for the purposes of planning. As part of your answer, explain the process for dealing with inaccurate or missing information relating to the proposed construction work (400 words) Task 2 (10 marks, 500 words) The project is expected to take place in a city centre location with many pre-historic and listed buildings around the site. Prepare a report that demonstrates how the findings from site inspections is likely to influence the feasibility of the proposed project. Your report should cover the key issues to be considered during site inspections. Task 3 (30 marks, N/A) Based on the drawings provided, your knowledge of construction processes and with reasonable assumptions, prepare a programme for the work indicating key milestones. Your programme should cover the construction of both buildings with not less than 30 activities. There is a selection of activities forming part of the construction project presented in the table below. Produce a network diagram for the activities and complete the CPM calculations ActivitiesDurationPreceding ActivityALay Access Road20–BErect Fence13ACDemolition of existing structure19BDDisposal of demolished material off site8CETop soil removal22CFHard core filling and compacting20EGErect Site Accommodation25FHFit out18G,IIElectrical Services8C Task 4 (20 marks, N/A) Produce a method statement for the works with reference to the drawings, and other information relating to the proposed project. Make reasonable assumptions where necessary. Task 5 (20 marks, 1,000 words) Based on the method statement and programme produced for the works, prepare resource requirements for the project. You are specifically required to: Assess the quantities of materials required for the works and prepare a materials delivery schedule (350 words)Assess the plant and equipment required for the works (prepare a plant delivery schedule) (350 words)Assess the labour resources required for the works – including sub-contractors. Prepare a labour resource profile for the works (300 words)


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