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Business Communications Assignment report template – 1500 words Cover page(Not included in the word count – separate page) Title of the reportName of the courseSubmission dateStudent ID Abstract (Not included in the word count – separate page) Provides a quick overviewA brief summary of the contents of the report (Approx. 50-100 words) Table of contents(Not included in the word count – separate page) Shows the section headings, subheadings, and page numbers Introduction A general introduction to the topicDemonstrate why this topic is importantMention the purpose of this reportExplain what you are going to do – This report will….. (Approx. 100 words) Analysis and discussion General theories of organisational communication Choose at least 5 theories of organisational communication. For example: formal/ informal, oral/ written, directional, internal/ external, 7 C’s etc..Describe what they are.Evaluate: discuss in depth and analyse why they are important. (Approx. 450 words) Evaluate some of the barriers of communication at LearnEnglishUK Choose at least 5 barriers of communication at LearnEnglishUK.Describe them and evaluate (discuss in depth and analyse why they are important). (Approx. 450 words) Recommendations Outline strategies to overcome these barriers. Make clear recommendations to overcome the barriers mentioned above.Try and relate your recommendations to theories of organisational communication. (Approx. 400 words) Conclusion Demonstrate how you have addressed the topicHighlight the main key points discussed in your reportDemonstrate any conclusions that can be drawn from the report as a wholeDo NOT include any new informationNo references (Approx. 100 words) Reference list At least SIX (6) references – Use Harvard referencing Include at least EIGHT in-text citations throughout the body of the report. (Gibbons, 2020)


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