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Construction CAD & BIM Table of Contents Introduction 3 LO1 3 Conclusion 3 Introduction The report covers the complete design details of the 5-storage hotel building. In the present section one of the floor is represented in the report. The first floor of the hotel is represented. The report will also represent the features and the functions of the BIM and CAD software. To develop the draft of the building the auto cad software is used. The report will also represent the importance of the 3D design software in the building design process. LO1 The below image represents the diagram of the layout of the first floor of the hotel. Figure 1: First floor (source: Author) Conclusion The draft shows the major sections of the hotel. In the front the entrance is represented. At the entrance there is reception and the waiting area. The rooms and the utilities are represented in the image. The staircase is also represented in the draft.


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