Consumer Measures of Performance –

An application exercise requiring web research and an executive summary. As a student, you will access quality metrics in Discover the comparison of quality information available to consumers. You will compare 3 organizations. Using your current organization, an organization in which you have worked in the past, or one in which you would like to work in the future – compare the organization to 2 competitors – local, state or national. Identify what each organization does well and areas where they fall short. Next, drill down within your organization. Based on the report – identify 3 areas for improvement and recommend changes in policy, personnel or in the environment to improve outcomes. Pay special attention to areas where your competitors outrank you on scores. As an application – using your recommended changes as exemplars to discuss the role of the nurse administrator, nurse leader or manager in implementing change and improving outcomes for the organization as well as the consumer. Access comparison measures at – (Links to an external site.).or Sections: CompetitorsIdentify and describe 3 competitive organizations.10 Points Performance AssessmentDiscuss results – highs and lows of each organization20 Points Gap AnalysisIdentify three performance priorities for your organization related to perceptions of consumers that require improvement to attain or maintain a competitive edge.20 Points QI RecommendationsIdentify and discuss the rational of a recommendation change/improvement for each top priority area.20 Points Nursing AdministrationApplication: Using the changes you recommend as exemplars – identify the role of the nurse administrator, manager, leader – in initiating, managing, and/or monitoring changes in Quality Improvement.20 Points. APA Format.Include Title Page and Reference List. Content (excluding Title Page and Reference Listing) 500 – 1000 words. Minimum of two references in addition to text.10 Points please , compare these three organizations Current workplace- THHSC comparatives organizations – Harris County Hospital- EBJ Future workplace- CMS -Long term sector. Sample Solution The post Consumer Measures of Performance appeared first on ACED ESSAYS.


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