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Module Code:BMAF002-20Module Title:Digital BusinessAssignment:S1. ReportWord Count:2,500Contribution to Module Mark:60%Assessment outline (from the Module specification):Individual Written Report: Case StudyLearning outcome assessed:1. An understanding of the key decisions that digital managers and entrepreneurs need to make in order to create sustainable business models. 2. Ability to discuss and assess the main legal and ethical issues raised by digital business practicesAssessment BriefAn Individual Written Report examining an existing digital business of your choice and the factors impacting on its business growth. (2,500 words. Excluding graphs, tables, appendices and references).Read the scenario below before undertaking the tasks which follow:Write a report examining an existing digital business of your choice. You will need to identify and describe the factors which impact on the businesses growth and consider what is essential for a sustainable digital business model.You will need to cover the following key issues:Your understanding of digital businessThe distinction between digital business and the traditional business (i.e. the face-to-face business transaction)Factors that led to a greater push for digital business in generalThe mode of operation of your case studyDescribe the growth of your case study over a period of timeIdentify external factors that may impact on the business operation of your selected digital business (i.e. political, economic, legal, ethical etc.).Point out important factors that you consider essential for a sustainable businessFormat: Microsoft Word Word Count: (2,500 words, excluding graphs, tables, appendices and references). Assignment 1: Needs to be submitted to Turn-it-in, by: Deadline Time: 10:00 am Deadline Date: 14th December 2020Assignment Structure: ReportCover PageThis should clearly follow the cover page template in your Module Handbook: Your Name and ID, Module Name and Code, Assignment Name and Number and the Word Count.Contents PageThis should have clear titles and sub-titles correctly formatted.This should have the titles of all tables/ diagrams used throughout the report.This should present a clear list of any appendices provided.Introduction (500 words approximately) (LO1 and LO2) (Chapters 1, 2 and 3, Chaffey, D. 2014)Summarise the main topics of the report and briefly present the digital business you have selected.This section should outline the first three key issues (i.e. Your understanding of digital business, the difference between digital business and the traditional business models and the factors have facilitated the uptake of digital business in recent times).Main Body (1,800 words approximately) (LO1 and LO2) (Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5 and 7 Chaffey, D. 2014)Provide a brief description of the business, their mode of operation, the market segment etc. (800 words approx.).Provide a detailed explanation of the key factors which may have been responsible for the growth of your selected digital business. (500 words approx.).Identify and explain how these external forces may impact on the businesses operation. (500 words approx.).Conclusion (200 words approximately) (LO1)In this section you should draw conclusions from the Main Body of your report.Give your own thoughts about factors that are crucial to have a profitable and sustainable digital business. Justify your reasons with respect to the key issues you have identified for your chosen digital business.References and StructureYour assignment should be Harvard Referenced and show a range of sources. You must demonstrate at least 8 references, of which 4 must be from academic journals/ articles and 1 must be from an academic textbook.Your report should be properly referenced.This report will be marked based on the following criteria: CriteriaMark Understanding Demonstration of clear knowledge and understanding of Digital 50%Business issues, models and theories.Logical Demonstrated ability to make reasonable assessments supported 30% Contribution with appropriate and relevant facts/ figures.Structure and Well-presented, clear and consistent academic writing; including 20% Style spelling, grammar and punctuation.Appropriate and relevant academic referencing using HarvardReferencing.For all policies regarding submission of your work please refer to the Programme and Student Handbooks


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