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S. Donyavi Page 1School of Architecture, Computing &EngineeringEG7037 Environmental Sustainable Engineering &Logistic‘’ Sustainable construction & Logistic sources’’ ReportThis piece of coursework covers 100% of the marks for the entire EG7037Environmental Sustainable Engineering & Logistic module. The word count for thisassignment is in the region of 3000 words in addition to Appendices and labelleddiagrams / sketches.Presentation: The quality of the presentation, cross-referencing ofmaterials/images & references, your activity work cited will be awarded10 MarksTask 1 – Sustainable engineering construction sources andrequirements:You are the client’s project manager of a £ 320 million building projects located inManchester. The project is a new build shopping Centre. The project is Design and Buildand the duration of the project is 36 months and the client is keen to minimiseenvironmental impact and the government are interested to help towards any sustainableactivities. You are entitled to get the best rates on behalf of client for materials fromsuppliers and get the experienced subcontractors if needed for different activities. You canuse any new innovative ways to manage the project:Part A.i) Discuss four different types of renewable energy sources that could be usedforthis project and explain the reasons for your choices.20 marks ii)Discuss any sustainable challenges or issues within the production stage oftheproject from environmental, economical and cultural perspective. 20 marksS. Donyavi Page 2Part B.i) Explain procurement and productivity of different resources, supply chainand thepurchasing process for this project.20 marksii) Discuss and identify the different risk associated with the project within theproduction stage and explain how will you deal with different source of wastefor the project20 marksPart c.i) Discuss the applying of any passive or active system for this project byimplementing of any tools or technique and discuss the impact of that ontheenvironment.10 marksS. Donyavi Page 3Assignment Presentation Notes:The word count should be in the region of 3000 words in total,Your responses should include a well-researched written account with a clearstructure. To do well in this assignment:• Read around the subject – refer to core text books• Describe what you know and understand.• Use clear plain English, check your spellings• If you include images or photos make sure that include captions and crossreference them to the text.• Read it through once written to make sure it makes sense.• Submit the work on time.Suggested References1. Logistic and supply chain management by Christopher M ( 2015) Publisher FT2. Desinging & Managing the supply chain concepts, strategies and Cases, 3th editionby Simchi-Levi D., Kaminsky S, Simchi- Levi E ( 2015)3. . Construction UK: Introduction to the Industry 2nd edn. Blackwell Publishing, Morton, R (2007)4. . Mitchell’s Introduction to Building. 4th edn. London: Osborne, D &Greeno,R (2006)5. . Life Guides: Construction, (2007) 2nd edn. by Trotman Publishing, London6. . Opportunities in Civil Engineering Careers. by Hagerty,J (1997)7. . Working in Built Environment and Construction VT Lifeskills, London(2006)8. . Introduction to Health and Safety in Construction, 3rd Edition, ButterworthHeinemann, Ferrett, E & Hughes,P (2008)9. Logistic and supply chain management Publisher FT by Christopher M ( 2015)10. Desinging & Managing the supply chain concepts, strategies and Cases, 3th editionby Simchi-Levi D., Kaminsky S, Simchi- Levi E ( 2015)11. Construction Planning, Programming and Control (third edition), Cooke B and Williams P (2009),12. Management of Construction Projects, Wiley-Blackwell by Cooke B (2014),13. The Practice of Construction Management, People and Business Performance(fourth edition), Wiley-Blackwell by Fryer B (2004),14. Code of Practice for Project Management for Construction and Development (fifthedition), Wiley-Blackwell by Chartered Institute of Building (2014),15. Kibert C (2008) ‘Sustainable Construction: Green Building Design and Delivery’2ndEdition, John Wiley & Sons; ISBN-10: 047011421516. Moskow K, (2008),’ Sustainable Facilities: Green Design, Construction, andOperations’, McGraw-Hill Professional, ISBN-10: 007149474X17. Engineering project Management (third edition), by Smith, N (2009), WileyBlackwellS. Donyavi Page 418. Logistics & Supply Chain Management (5th edition), FT Publishing by Christopher,M. (2016),19. Introduction to Materials Management (8th edition), Pearson by Chapman S andGatewood A (2016),20. Just-in-time Purchasing, by Ansari A (1871),21. Outsourcing and Third Party Logistics, by Bohling J (2013), by Grin VerlagSubmission of Coursework1. All the work must be the students own.2. Work is to be word processed and this should be in a clear legible typefaceand double line spaced, single sided. Calculations must be logically laid outso that they can be easily checked. Sketches can be in pencil with inkednotes, CAD or Word, but must be scanned and included in electronicsubmission. All pages should be clearly numbered.3. Submissions must be properly structured, this involves pre-planning yourwork. A conclusion will be expected.5. The work must have a bibliography and/or a list of references used,properly cited within the text. All referenced to ‘CITE THEM RIGHT’.6. In industry presentation of information is of paramount importance. Markswill be awarded for the quality of the presentation skills used.7. All work submitted electronically via the Turnitin Link provided only. Noother form of submission paper based or electronic will be accepted.8 If the file is too large to upload in its original form e.g. Word orPowerPoint then the work should be saved as a pdf which should compresspictures and scans.9. The information to be included on the front sheet of the assignment is asfollows:a) The University and Department Titles.b) Students full name, course title and year.c) The Unit/Unit Number and Title.d) The Title of the piece of work.e) The date.f) The assignment brief does not need to be submitted10. Work which is submitted after the due date (or such extended date asagreed) but within 24 hours of original submission time will receive a 5%penalty. Any work received after 24 hours of the due date will receive zeromarks. Students who make an attempt at any part of the coursework will bedeemed to have taken an opportunity as described in the student


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