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Southern Cross University – School of Law and JusticeInstructions for completing the SLJ Assignment Cover SheetThe School of Law and Justice Assignment Cover Sheet is designed to improve your useand understanding of the originality checking software. The central function of thissoftware is to assist you to improve your own academic referencing and writing skills.In order to make use of the software you need to understand how it works. Pleasereview the online resources on the Academic Skills website, in particular, the documentUsing Turnitin originality checking to practise academic integrity.In accordance with these skills, you must attach the School of Law and JusticeAssignment Cover Sheet to all law assignments.Please follow these instructions to complete the cover sheet:(i) Download a copy of the School of Law and Justice Cover Sheet – it is located both inthe School Guidelines folder of the learning sites.(ii) Insert the Cover Sheet to be the first page of your assignment.(iii) Generate an originality report by uploading the penultimate draft of yourassignment (the final pre-submission draft) to the Assessment Submission dropbox or the originality check.(iv) Complete the Cover Sheet – including transcribing the percentage of matched textshown on your originality report into the relevant section of the Cover Sheet.(v) Include (on the Cover Sheet) a brief explanation about the nature of the matchedtext (see examples on the Cover Sheet).(vi) Submit your final submission draft (which is the final pre-submission draft with theCover Sheet now inserted as the first page) to the Assessment Submission drop box.Notes(1) If you use your originality report to edit and to improve your assignment, you mustobtain a new originality report and copy the percentage of matched text onto theCover Sheet (where time permits – please be sure to leave enough time to do this),before submitting your final draft.(2) The first three resubmissions will generate a new Similarity Report straight away.After three attempts, a 24 hour wait is enforced to generate Similarity Reports forall subsequent resubmissions.


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