Principles of Anatomy and Physiology –

Explain this topic and describe what learning techniques you used to master the material.You can use the information provided below and further resources. The topic is stress and adaptionTHE ALARM REACTIONStress is any situation that upsets the homeostatic balance. Stressors can be physical or emotional events. The first step in the stress response is the alarm reaction, which triggers the fight-or-flight response. THE STAGE OF RESISTANCEAfter glucose stores are used up, the body needs to find and use an alternative fuel source. This is known as the stage of resistance and is characterized by the presence of the hormone cortisol. Over a prolonged period, cortisol suppresses the immune system, resulting in more infections and slower healing. THE STAGE OF EXHAUSTIONWhen fat supplies in the body are used up, there are no easy fuel sources for the body and the homeostatic processes of the body become overwhelmed. This is known as the stage of exhaustion. The post Principles of Anatomy and Physiology appeared first on Template.


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