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Module Definition Form (MDF) Module code: MOD003337Version: 2 Date Amended: 02/Mar/2017 1. Module TitleBusiness Strategy 2a. Module LeaderJohn Threlfall 2b. SchoolAnglia Ruskin London 2c. FacultyAnglia Ruskin London 3a. Level6 3b. Module TypeStandard (fine graded) 4a. Credits30 4b. Study Hours300 5. RestrictionsTypeModule CodeModule NameConditionPre-requisites:NoneCo-requisites:NoneExclusions:NoneCourses to which this module isrestricted: Generated on 06/10/2020, 13:19:00 Page 1 of 4LEARNING, TEACHING AND ASSESSMENT INFORMATION 6a. Module DescriptionThis module focuses on the process of strategic management in organisations. This involves the evaluation of theorganisation’s situation, analysis and selection of strategic alternatives, and implementation and evaluation of the strategicplan. The module develops the student’s ability to work within a team (comprised of various business majors), as well as oral,written, and analytical skills. The course presents conceptual information through readings, lectures, a business gamesimulation, team presentations, and other class activities. The analysis of case studies of actual business situations includinginternational, non-profit, manufacturing, and service industries will serve as a means of applying the course concepts anddevelop the students’ ability to integrate business concepts. The module requires the students to utilize information from avariety of business areas covered in the Business Core including: Accounting, Information Systems, Finance, Marketing, andManagement. 6b. Outline Content– Charting the Company’s Direction – External/Internal Environmental Analysis – Competitive Strategy – Competition (market)analysis – Competitive Position – Corporate Strategy – Corporate Structure, Systems and Rewards 6c. Key Texts/LiteratureThe reading list to support this module is available at: 6d. Specialist Learning ResourcesNone 7. Learning Outcomes (threshold standards)No.TypeOn successful completion of this module the student will beexpected to be able to:1Knowledge and UnderstandingImprove abilities of strategic problem identification, analysis and solution.2Knowledge and UnderstandingIntegrate business capabilities and functions in an analytical manner.3Knowledge and UnderstandingImprove oral and written presentation abilities.4Knowledge and UnderstandingImprove ability to work as part of a team.5Intellectual, practical, affective andtransferrable skillsDemonstrate an understanding of key strategic management concepts,models and literature and apply knowledge of strategic decision making ina variety of ‘real world’ contexts. Generated on 06/10/2020, 13:19:00 Page 2 of 4 8a. Module Occurrence to which this MDF RefersYearOccurrencePeriodLocationMode of Delivery2020/1ZZFTemplate For Face ToFace Learning DeliveryFace to Face 8b. Learning Activities for the above Module OccurrenceLearning ActivitiesHoursLearning OutcomesDetails of Duration,frequency and othercommentsLectures241-53 hours weekly, deliveredthrough lectures and tutorials(24 hours of lectures + 48hours of tutorials), orequivalent.Other teacher managedlearning481-53 hours weekly, deliveredthrough lectures and tutorials(24 hours of lectures + 48hours of tutorials), orequivalent.Student managed learning2281-5228 hours during the studyperiod of tutor led and/orindividual focussed studyincluding reading, exercises,case studies and libraryresearch.TOTAL:300 9. Assessment for the above Module OccurrenceAssessmentNo.Assessment MethodL OeuatcrnoimngesWeighting (%)F PiansesG/Fraaidl e orQ Muaa rklif(y%in)g010Coursework1-550 (%)Fine Grade30 (%)Group Strategy Simulation – throughout module – equivalent to 3000 word assignmentAssessmentNo.Assessment MethodL OeuatcrnoimngesWeighting (%)F PiansesG/Fraaidl e orQ Muaa rklif(y%in)g011Practical1-550 (%)Fine Grade30 (%)Final Project and Presentation – equivalent to 3000 words Generated on 06/10/2020, 13:19:00 Page 3 of 4In order to pass this module, students are required to achieve an overall mark of 40%.In addition, students are required to:(a) achieve the qualifying mark for each element of fine graded assessment of as specified above(b) pass any pass/fail elementsGenerated on 06/10/2020, 13:19:00 Page 4 of 4


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