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Module Key Text Book: Thompson A.A./Stickland A.J./ Janes A./ Sutton C. (2020). Crafting and Executing Strategy: A Quest for Competitive Advantage (2nd Ed). McGraw Hill Supplementary texts: Brooks, L. and Dunn, P. 2014. Business and professional ethics for directors, executives & accountants (8th edition). Cengage Rugman, A. and Collinson, S. 2009. International Business (5th edition). FT-Prentice Hall Deresk,, H. 2008. International Management: Managing across borders and cultures (6thEdition). Prentice Hall De Wit, R. and Meyer, R. 2010. Strategy Synthesis (3rd Edition). Thomson Lynch, R. 2006. Corporate Strategy (4th Edition). FT-Prentice Hall Hitt, M. A, Ireland, R. D. and Hoskisson, R. E. 2009. Management of strategy: Concepts and cases, (8th Edition). Thomson South-Western Journals and publications Repositories Search Portal: EBSCOhost via ARU e-library portal General Management: Strategic Management Journal Harvard Business Review Journal of International Business Studies Journal of Management Studies European Business Review Journal of Marketing Research Long Range Planning


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