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LEVEL/ LEFEL: 4MODULE CODE/ COD Y MODIWL: ACCB4002Data Analysis and VisualisationASSESSMENT TYPE/ MATH O ASESU: COURSEWORKASSESSMENT/COMPONENT/ ASESIAD/CYDRAN: 2COMPONENT WEIGHTING/ PWYSAU’R CYDRAN: 50 %WORD COUNT/ NIFER Y GEIRIAU: N/ASUBMISSION DETAILS/ MANYLION CYFLWYNO: All files of the website and the database should be zipped andsubmitted electronically to Moodle. Make sure that Your Name , Your Student Number, Your ModuleTitle, Assignment Title and Your Module Lecturer’s Name areclearly shown on the front page of your assignment All assignments must be submitted electronically to Moodle and thereport on Distributed Database has to be submitted through Turnitin.BACHELORS DEGREE ASSIGNMENT SPECIFICATION (SOAC) Programme:BSc Cloud ComputingAssignment Title:Data Analysis and VisualisationHand Out Date:2nd Week of TermSubmissionPlease refer to the assessments scheduledeadline:published on Students’ Hall in Moodle andthe Assessment Board on campusReferencing:In the main body of your submission you must give credit to authors on whose research your work is based. Appendto your submission a reference list that indicates the books, articles, etc. that you have read or quoted in order tocomplete this assignment (e.g. for books: surname of author and initials, year of publication, title of book, edition,publisher: place of publication). Late submission will result in a late penalty mark, as follows:Up to one week late, maximum mark of 40% for first attempts and 0% for resubmissions. No work will be acceptedmore than one week after the submission deadline(Academic Quality Handbook 2016/17 7.5 (5))Module Learning Outcomes:1. Select and apply appropriate statistical methods for the analysis of well-definedproblems2. Demonstrate an ability to present nominal, ordinal, categorical and network datain forms that enable the easy understanding of the data3. Demonstrate an ability to rearrange data in order to extract hidden information4. Apply colour, position, size, shape and icons to encode information creatively andeffectively to solve well-defined problems in information visualisationTASK DESCRIPTIONIn a recent BBC (UK) news, it has been identified that the infection rate of Covid – 19 is variedbetween white people and BAME in the UK. In order to identify the ratio and the truthfulnessof the findings, 50 different white and BAME patients have been selected. All the patients ageis between 20 and 50 years. Based on the data in the table below, you are required to analysethe ratio of infection rate and truthfulness of the findings. PatientNoWhitePatientBAMEPatient NoWhitePatientBAME120232650502223427323332544282045426452930475292930402062727314432748353235228434533282895544344030104330354334112740363832123450373344134450383447145050395030153741402244163543413729173347424540184032432030194231444440204820453324214926462050223028473846233330483530244339492527255050504050 Your analysis should include the following factors: The development of an appropriate set of testable hypotheses for the experimentThe testing of your hypotheses to significance level of p=0.10, p=0.01, and p=0.02The presence of any outliers in the data and the effect that they have on the outcomeAny other features of the data that appear during your investigation of the dataset  Any other factors that might affect the results but have not been considered in thestated experimental set-up, together with ideas as to how you might control thesefactorsThis analysis should be documented in a report of no more than 2000 words illustrated withvisualisations.


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