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1 | P a g eASSIGNMENT INSTRUCTIONS AssessmentData Skills PortfolioAssessmentcode:013bAcademicYear:2020/2021Trimester:1Module Title:Data SkillsModule Code:MOD006960_3Level:3ModuleLeader:Austin CaseWeighting:13%Word Limit:1000This excludes bibliography and other items listed in rule 6.75 of theAcademic Regulations: – 4SubmissionDeadline:This assignment must be received by no later than 2pm on Friday18th December 2020. WRITING YOUR ASSIGNMENT:• This assignment must be completed individually.• Assignment submissions are to be made anonymously. Do not write your name anywhereon your work.• Write your student ID number at the top of every page.• Where the assignment comprises more than one task, all tasks must be submitted in asingle document.• You must number all pages.SUBMITTING YOUR ASSIGNMENT:In order to achieve full marks, you must submit your work before the deadline. Work that issubmitted late – up to five working days after the published submission deadline – will beaccepted and marked. However, the element of the module’s assessment to which the workcontributes will be capped with a maximum mark of 40%.Work cannot be submitted if the period of 5 working days after the deadline has passed(unless there is an approved extension). Failure to submit within the relevant period willmean that you have failed the assessment.2 | P a g eRequests for short-term extensions will only be considered in the case of illness or othercause considered valid by the iCentre Adviser. Please contact [email protected] Arequest must normally be received and agreed by the iCentre Adviser in writing at least 24hours prior to the deadline. See rules 6.56-6.65: The deadline for submission of mitigation in relation to this assignment is no laterthan five working days after the submission date of this work. Please [email protected] rules 6.103 – 6.132: QUESTIONPortfolio assignment3 | P a g eNW Kent Group of Medical Practice operates three medical Centres in rural Kent –Kirkwood Medical Centre, Broadleaf Medical Centre, and Sycamore Medical Centre. Eachmedical centre has over 5,000 patients with Broadleaf being the largest with 9,500 patients.You are employed as the Practice Manager for the NW Kent Group of Medical Practice andas such attends the monthly management meetings of the partners.The NW Kent Group of Medical Practice is a partnership comprising of four doctors. Two ofthe partners practice medicine at Broadleaf Medical Centre, while Kirkwood and SycamoreMedical Centre has one partner each. At their last monthly meeting, the partners at NW KentGroup of Medical Practice expressed a desire to investigate an increase in the number ofpatients’ complaints levied against NW Kent Group of Medical Practice. You were asked toinvestigate the three medical centres to determine which of the three medical centres, if any,can be used as a model for the others. The results of which is hoped to be used to makepositive changes within NW Kent Group of Medical Practice.To achieve this, you used a questionnaire to collect data during the two months endingAugust 2020. You also received data regarding complaints made by patients from each of thethree medical centres.TaskExamine the tables of data for the three medical centres. This data appears on the VLE in thefolder marked “ASSIGNMENT – NW Kent Group of Medical Practice DATA.”The two data files consist of:1. Medical Centre Data – Complaints Received. A spreadsheet that shows the numberof complaints received at each medical centre.2. Medical Centre Data – Patient Survey Results. A spreadsheet showing details fromPatient Surveys run across the three medical centres taken in July and August 2020.You need to examine this data and then create a small data portfolio (no more than 1,000words) that explains which medical centre you would recommend to be the model medicalcentre, and areas of best practice that can be used in redesigning the business model for NWKent Group of Medical Practice.Using the data, create a briefing document that explains which medical centre is yourpreferred choice.• You will want to think about the different things that you have learned on the module.Look back at different topics that you have covered and consider how you mightapply those ideas to the data.• Write the briefing document as though you are addressing the four partners:▪ Dr James Dawkins▪ Dr Michelle Francis▪ Dr Stephen Greaves▪ Dr Chloe Jackson• You may use visual methods, such as creating graphs, charts or putting the data intodifferent tables, to help to demonstrate your findings if you wish to (you may earn4 | P a g eadditional marks for use of tables, graphs and charts but it is possible to pass theassignment without doing so).• If you use any textbooks or other sources to assist in making your arguments, youmust indicate the source of the information in your writing.• They key to scoring good marks in this assessment is looking at the numbers andexplaining what they mean.• To make comparisons more credible, use a common unit of measurement.NB: Numerical information given in tables is not included in the word count.ASSESSMENT GUIDANCEThis assignment requires you to demonstrate your knowledge and understanding of the use ofdata to inform and to make decisions.You are required to convert primary data, also known as ‘raw data’, into useable units ofmeasurement that will allow commonality for comparisons to take place.In your script, you need to use the data to analyse and compare each of the medical centres’strengths and weaknesses and be able to express an opinion on areas working well and thosethat require management action. Your answer should seek to identify and explain how the datahas informed your conclusions. Below, you will find guidance on what is expected of you inyour submission.5 | P a g eMARKING SCHEMETask 1 – Key Trends (20 marks)Look to identify key trends and patterns in the data.Task 2 – Visuals (15 marks)Produce visuals representations of the data, such as creating graphs, charts, and tables to helpdemonstrate your findings.Task 3 – Expand Data (20 marks)Expand on provided data and produce further comparative information. Using the data,analyse and discuss the findings by comparing trends and patterns from each of the medicalcentres.Task 4 – Best Practice (15 marks)Identify and discuss the best practices from each of the medical centres and show how thesepractices can improve the other medical centres.Task 5 – Management (20 marks)Identify and discuss key areas requiring management actions. Explain how these key areasmay impact negatively on the business.Task 6 – Data Limitations (10 marks)Identify areas of data limitations – both in volume and collections – and state how datalimitations may affect decision making.


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