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This is an assignment that has 2 components, 1b and 3b. I have attached the rubrics and instructions for both parts, as they detail the requirements and structure.  the assignments ask for information to be pulled from specific course topics, I will provide a list of the topics covered in the course. the are segmented into 3 different modules. LIST OF TOPICS (1) The Market for Labor (week 2-5)Determinants, characteristics and empirical evidence on labor market supply;Determinants, characteristics and empirical evidence on demand for labor;Determinants, characteristics and empirical evidence on labor market equilibria and the impactof public policy on labor market outcomes. (2) Unemployment and Job Search Empirical short- and long-term unemployment patterns; job and worker flows; job search;Equilibrium search and matching model; current unemployment patterns and public policy inthe Covid-19 pandemic (3) You will choose a topic from a list I provide (week 9-12)Topics choices will include: Education and labor market outcomes; wage inequality in Canadaand other developed countries; technological change and labor market outcomes; Employeeownership and labor market participation. Other topics may be offered. The post economics appeared first on Template.


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