Informational Technology For Entrepreneurs And Leaders –

Pick one of the options and respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words: Option 1 Please review the path from data to information to business intelligence to knowledge The use of today’s advanced information technology resources and systems in conducting business internal and external environmental scanning, generally produces large amounts of data. What are pitfalls the analyst must be aware when screening that data to determine its usefulness? What is, in your view, the most vulnerable stage to watch for “error” within the defined path above? In the presence of current business intelligence trends, what is the importance of continuously validating the information management process? Option 2 Ethics and social responsibility go hand on hand; therefore, this is a multidimensional discussion. If morality is included then religion must be also included, and when we follow that path, the alternatives are endless. For our purpose, as strategist in information technology, we must be pragmatic and see these issues with a wider lens. Social Responsibility, hence, ethics, in general terms could be defined as “Acting with concern and sensitivity, aware of the impact of your actions on others, particularly the disadvantaged” (Entrepreneur) Many organizations struggle with how to be ethical and socially responsible. Some of those concerns are both financial and strategic. Many organizations in this country and abroad take their staff through training on how to be socially responsible and for that matter, within the context of standard ethics. But the operator, also needs to ensure that the decisions made would not harm or impact the overall mission and goals of the business. Reconciling this overarching endeavor and the impact on others is a fine line to walk. After reading this, discuss your thoughts about ethics and information technology, in the context of business performance. Sample Solution The post Informational Technology For Entrepreneurs And Leaders appeared first on ACED ESSAYS.


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