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TransFast Trucking Company uses two sizes of trailers for transportation contracts. Smaller trailers can carry 2 tons and larger trailers can carry 4 tons. a. TransFast Trucking Company is awarded a con-tract to cart 8000 kilograms of cargo. Construct an isoquant for the first production function. How much k and l would be used if these factors were combined without waste? b. Answer part (a) for the second function. c. How much k and l would be used without waste if half of the 8000 kilograms were transported by the method of the first production function and half by the method of the second? How much k and l would be used if a quarter of the cargo was transported by the first method and three-quarters by the second? What does it mean to speak of fractions of k and l ? d. Based on your observations in part (c), draw a q= 8000 isoquant for the combined production functions.


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