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Level 5 GradingCriteriaStrengthsYes or NoIntroductionDoes your assignment contain a simple, clear introduction explaining what theassignment will contain and do?StructureDoes your assignment have an excellent structure that clearly signposts thereader to the different sections?AnalysisDoes your assignment demonstrate evidence of comparing and contrastingdifferent ideas and issues to support your own opinion?Engaging withTheoryDo you support your understanding of subjects with relevant theory, definitionsand references?Answering theQuestionDoes the presentation of your work follow the assignment’s instructionseffectively answering the question?ReadingDoes your assignment demonstrate an excellent range of relevant reading and ofengaging with key texts from lectures / reading lists?ConclusionDo you present convincing conclusions and viable recommendations that flowfrom balanced discussion?ReferencingStandardsDoes your reference List & In-text referencing adhere to UCB standards?


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