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In Part 1, you will explore the experiences of a researcher and two nurse leaders regarding these qualities.a. Review the resources listed below. In a 2-page reflection paper, summarize the role these qualities play in nursing leadership. Select at least 3 of the above resources to discuss. Use APA format with a separate reference page. Part 2 is part of the 4-page paper but starts after the first part. Do not mix them up. In our final week, you are assigned to review the learning objectives for the course and specific learning objectives for your practicum. Reflect on how you have been able to work towards meeting the objectives so far. Then, write a 2-page paper discussing your progress towards the objectives.Here are the course learning objectives from the syllabus:1. Define student- and preceptor-nurse leader learning objectives, adhere to a learning contract,and meet all required practicum hours.2. Utilize knowledge from previous work experience and courses to apply nurse leader conceptsand utilize tools/technology in a practicum setting.3. Apply current research during the application of nurse leader activities/projects.4. Engage in self-reflection and continued learning to improve nurse leader knowledge andapplication.5. Comply with all legal, ethical, and site-specific standards while completing nurse leaderactivities/projects during the practicum experience.6. Develop collaborative and interdependent relationships with your preceptor and allstakeholders on your nurse leader projects. The post Nursing Leadership appeared first on Template.


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