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SCHOOL of Computing AND DIGITAL MEDIA CC7177 Cyber Crime and Cybersecurity Specification of the INVESTIGATIVE TECHNICAL REPORT Individual work Weighting: 50%Deadline for submission of the report: 3 pm Friday 15/01/2021. Upload your report (one MS Doc file only!) onto the WebLearn site for “CC7177 Cyber Crime and Security – Coursework” This technical report should be the culmination of good literature review, the analysis, and the applications, which are carried out in a topic area of interest. The literature review is to use a good mix of sources: journals, industry white papers, research outputs of organisations (European Commission, Mitre Corporation, Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Research Institute, EPSRC etc.), web resources that have provenance, and textbooks. Please have some IEEE journals from 2020 (recent and reliable). The report should provide an abstract section at the beginning and conclusion at the end. The appropriate background is delivered as an introduction to the topic area of interest. It should then present an analysis over its technical content in-depth looking at relevant issues concerned and demonstrate your in-depth knowledge in the topic area of interest by practical work(s), such as a case study of a cybersecurity toolkit with its functionality, application, and the demonstration of its usage, etc. A list of resources referenced should be produced in the Harvard reference format. Papers published in journals such as ‘IEEE Security and Privacy’ and ‘Computers and Security’ provide good guidance in terms of the paper content and structure. The report should be 2000 words in length approximately for guidance (excluding appendices, references and bibliography). You will not be penalised if your report does not have exactly 2000 words. It is ok to be a little over, but not so good to be a lot under. It is preferable to be over than having a short report with not much data added. Add extra information to the appendices where appropriate and remember that quantity is not a sign of quality hence ensure all other specifications on this assignment are met. This technical report should be based on one of the topics listed below, which link to one or more sections of the module syllabus. Development, evolution and challenges of legislative context in cybercrimesCurrent and emerging online cyber-attacks, threats and criminal acts, including related digital crimesCybersecurity technologiesEconomic, legal, social, ethical and professional impact of cybercrime and cybersecurity within the national and global context Note: a sample template of the report structure will be provided for your reference. Download Grammarly to help. Marking scheme CriteriaMark / Rating ScaleDevelopment of the ReportInterpretation of topic and introduction70 – 100% (Distinction) Excellent/Very good: outstanding performance with only minor Errors60 – 69% (Merit) Good: above the average standard but with some Errors.50 – 59% (Pass) Satisfactory: generally sound work with several notable errors.< 50% (F) (Fail) considerable further work is required.Logical and technical development, including insight and originalityUse of sources and evidenceUnderstanding of topic and critical analysisPractical workConclusionReport Presentation & Other FeaturesQuality of communication/expression in terms of legibility, style, spelling and grammarOverall report structurePresentation of references Please be aware of the university’s plagiarism policy! Plagiarism It involves passing off someone else’s work as your own. This might be from a published source, such as a book or article, or the work of another colleague or person helping you. Copying of sentences, phrases, paragraphs or even certain expressions, without appropriate acknowledgement, is likely to constitute plagiarism. Paraphrasing another person’s work is also plagiarism if it’s not appropriately referenced. Reference to other people’s work and ideas must be made clear and obvious in the text. It is not sufficient simply to include the source in a bibliography. Your work is checked for any possible evidence of plagiarism. For this reason, you should understand and use the appropriate methods for incorporating ideas and quotations into your work. References to research and other people’s ideas are encouraged, but these need to be correctly annotated and acknowledged.


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