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QUESTION ONE (1) We have seen how logic in various programs that run on our computers are a combination of smaller building blocks that do simple tasks and hand over the result for the final solution. Many times, we need the calculation of average to determine things like medication to prescribe, the average of grades in a class etc. Please do the following: a.Write a program in pseudocode that calculates the average of 3ages people and result is displayed to the user. (No Desk Check required) (8 Marks) b.Perform aDesk-Check on question 1(a) when the user has given the following values: First age – 45, second age – 84, third age – 36 (7 Marks) c.Re-write the algorithm in 1(b) with the following comments:1.Block comments for the Starting of program and Inputs.2.Line comments for the arithmetic operation. (10 Marks)


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