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Module 8: Risk Q6. Using Risk Tools Using the same scenario from Q5 above, follow the step by step instructions. In this scenario “you” refers to you the student in the role of a broker. This task requires you to calculate a range of ratio analysis for the lender. Using the information provided in the set of financials (also from Q5 above), complete the following ratio analysis exercises. Reference material for these formulas is provided in the course manual. Current YearPrevious YearCurrent Asset RatioType your answer hereType your answer hereQuick Asset RatioType your answer hereType your answer hereDebtor Ageing Ratio (days)Type your answer hereType your answer hereCreditor Aging Ratio (days)Type your answer hereType your answer hereInterest Cover RatioType your answer hereType your answer hereNet Profit Margin RatioType your answer hereType your answer hereGross Profit RatioType your answer hereType your answer here Now prepare a strengths and weakness table based on information contained in the loan scenario, the ratio analysis completed in Q5 and the company financials. StrengthsWeaknessesType your answer hereType your answer hereOpportunitiesThreatsType your answer hereType your answer here Q7. Dealing with physical risks While you were in conversations with the timber mill at the head office in Melbourne you heard of an accident that recently occurred at the Bega mill. One of the timber mill workers was seriously injured and need to be transported to the local hospital. The timber mill worker had removed the safety guard from a saw due to machine malfunctioning periodically over the last month. The worker failed to report the maintenance issue to his supervisor. The employee was off work for two weeks, but the workers who witnessed the accident were in shook and didn’t resume their duties that day. As a consequence of the accident, production was stopped until damaged machine that caused the accident was repaired. The mill manager called in a replacement worker and trained them to operate the machine. The manager also filled out a lengthy accident report and several insurance and regulatory forms. It was found following an investigation that the by a workplace safety inspector that there was inadequate WHS training and no WHS policy and procedures manual existed and Workcover were now considering litigation. 7.1 After reviewing this task, explain what steps could have been taken to prevent this incident from occurring? Type your answer here 7.2 Complete the Risk Categorisation Table that would apply to this incident. Select what you think is the correct approach. Likelihood of the riskType your answer here Type your answer here Type your answer here Unlikely RareConsequences of RiskInsignificant Minor Type your answer here Type your answer here CatastrophicLevel of RiskLow, treated with routine procedures Moderate, with specific responsibility allocated for the risk, and monitoring and response procedures implemented Type your answer here Extreme, requiring immediate action, as it has the potential to be devastating to the organisation or project


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