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Multiple Choice (Select all that apply.) 1. The pediatric nurse is providing critical information about a 3-year-old who was admitted to the unit with a urinary tract infection to a group of nursing students. Which of the following classic clinical signs and symptoms of urinary tract infection would be discussed? A. Dysuria B. Frequency C. Urgency D. Abdominal pain 2. The pediatric nurse is writing a comprehensive nursing care plan about chronic renal failure. Which of the following nursing diagnosis(es) would be essential for the nurse to include in the nursing care plan? A. Fluid Volume Deficit related to compromised regulatory mechanism. B. Imbalanced Nutrition Less than Body Requirements related to anorexia. C. Risk for Infection related to lowered body defenses. D. Disturbed Body Image related to growth delays. 3. The pediatric nurse is providing health promotion teaching to a child and family related to the care of a newly acquired arteriovenous fi stula for hemodialysis treatment. Which of the following should be included in the teaching? A. Wash the access with soap and warm water each day, and always before dialysis. B. Check the area daily for signs of infection, including warmth and redness. C. Take care to avoid traumatizing the arm; no tight clothes or jewelry on the arm. D. Remind health care providers not to take blood pressure on the access arm.


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