Conceptual Model Analysis Assignment –

Focus: The purpose of this assignment is to analyze and evaluate a nursing conceptual model. Activity:  Write a scholarly paper analyzing a nursing conceptual model reflecting the criteria below. Support your analysis with scholarly references in addition to textbooks. The framework for model analysis and evaluation will be reviewed in lecture. Suggested length: 8-10 pages Introduction (4 Points)Choose a nursing theorist that you most identify with and who has the most similarity to your beliefs about nursing. Explain your rationale for selecting the theorist. Describe the theorists background and how it may have impacted the model development. Analysis (6 points)Origins of the ModelWhat is the historical evolution of the model? What was the authors motivation and philosophical claims? Which scholars influenced the author? What world view is reflected in the model? Unique FocusWhat is the unique focus of the model? What category of nursing knowledge is reflected in the model? ContentDescribe the concepts and propositions of the model. Evaluation (6 Points)Explication of Origins – Are the models philosophical claims explicit? Is the influence of scholars acknowledged? Comprehensiveness of Content. Are the metaparadigm concepts clearly described?  Do the relational propositions link the concepts? Is the model sufficiently broad to guide nursing research, education, administration and practice? Logical CongruenceIs one congruent frame of reference evident?Generation of TheoryWhat theories have been generated from the model? LegitimacyIs application of the model feasible? Is the model compatible with expectations of recipients of nursing? Does the model make a difference in health conditions? ContributionsWhat is the overall contribution of the model to nursing? Application (6 Points)Has the model or derived theory been applied to real world nursing (practice, education, administration)? Cite examples.How might you apply this model or derived theory in a nursing setting? Give examples of a specific situation and comment on the applicability of the theory to the situation. Include how the views of your chosen theorist are congruent with your views of nursing. Writing (3 points)Graduate level writing is required. The paper should be well organized using correct grammar, spelling and APA format (7th edition). An abstract is required References must be current and include scholarly journals The post Conceptual Model Analysis Assignment appeared first on Template.


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