Crisis intervention –

Consider the features and contexts for the use of each of the crisis intervention models: telephone crisis counseling, PFA, CISM, CCP, mutual aid,critical incident debriefing, the empowerment approach, and/or SMART. Reflect on which models resonate most with you. Choose two of the modelsthat have made a significant impression on you and on how you might conduct work in the area of crisis intervention.Reflect on the strengths of these two models. Then, consider the limitations of each of the models you selected.Post a brief description of the two crisis intervention models you selected. Explain why each one resonates with you, specifically in terms of how youmight conduct work in the area of crisis intervention. Then explain two strengths and two limitations of each model. Be specific and use examples toillustrate your points. Sample Solution The post Crisis intervention appeared first on ACED ESSAYS.


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