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BUS5CA Semester 2 2020Remote Desktop Access for SAS Enterprise MinerWindows Users:1. Go to Remote Desktop Connection from the Start2. Type in the server address as the computer name: Use your own login details to login, example:• Username: student_id• Password: [sent to every student via email]Mac users:1. Install Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac OS.2. Follow the guideline from this link to “add a remote desktop connection”. In that guide,PC name refers to the server address mentioned above.3. Use your own login details to login, as per the example above.Note:• You have to change your password when you login for the first time. Your chosenpassword has to be complex.• When logging in, make sure that your username is not prefixed with any domainname. (It must only be your student ID number.)Launching SAS Tools:Once you have successfully logged in, try to launch the following two SAS Tools:From the Start, click on All Programs and look for the SAS folder. You will find SAS EnterpriseMiner Workstation 14.1 program. Click on it to launch.Again, from the Start, click on All Programs and look for the SAS Sentiment Analysis Studiofolder. Click on the SAS Sentiment Analysis Studio program to launch it.You will encounter an error message. Click OK and browse in the following file as the SETINITfile:C:ProgramFilesSASHomeSASFoundation9.4Coresasinst70227468_MicosoftWindowsServerforx64Click Open and then OK, the SAS Sentiment Analysis Studio will then launch.


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