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A chamber contains one barrel of oil and adequate air for the complete burning of the oil, that is, the transformation of the compound molecules of carbon and hydrogen in the oil into molecules of carbon dioxide and water. the burning of 1 barrel of oil makes available about 6 x 10 6 kJ of energy for transfer to other systems. (a) How would you define a system for this problem so that the energy which is usable upon burning can be transferred to other systems? (b) If during burning the chamber is isolated, what is the change of the energy as the contents of the chamber change from oil and air to products of combustion? (c) Make an estimate of the change in the sum of the ground-state masses of the free constituents of the chamber as oil and air change to products of combustion. (d) If the fissionable atoms of uranium 235 are used to make available 6 x 106 kJ, what is the amount of mass that is consumed? Recall that upon fissioning, an atom of uranium 235 makes available 200 MeV of energy.


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