ASSESSMENT TASK 2 BSBINN601 LEAD AND MANAGE ORGANISATIONAL CHANGE FRANCHISE ENTERTAINMENT GROUP CHANGE MANAGEMENT PROJECT PLAN Contents 1.0 Executive Summary 1 2.0 Company Background 3 3.0 Need for change 4 4.0 Impact of change 5 5.0 Project goals and objectives 5 5.1 DVD Kiosks 5 5.2 On-line movie streaming 6 6.0 External Analysis 6 7.0 Competitor analysis 7 8.0 Major change requirements 9 9.0 Cost Benefit Analysis 9 9.1 DVD Kiosks 9 9.2 On-line movie streaming 10 10.0 Risk Analysis 11 10.1 DVD Kiosks 11 10.2 On-line movie streaming 12 11.0 Organisation Communication Plan 13 12.0 Potential barriers 14 13.0 Staff Training 15 13.1 DVD Kiosks: 16 13.2 On-line movie streaming 16 14.0 Implementation plan 16 15.0 Team Roles and Responsibilities 18 16.0 Conclusion 19 17.0 References 20 Executive Summary Company Background Need for change consumers are looking for convenient ways to hire DVD’s. The growth of households having home computers connected to the internet is resulting in the explosion of on-line retail store websites. Impact of change The likely impact of changes on the company and its operations as follow: More operational cost, labour cost and website maintenance costs will increase Will generate more revenue Leading a new market trend – buying DVDs from Kiosks Provide more options to customers to buy your product Better rapport in the industry Will help in competing with others Project goals and objectives DVD Kiosks GOAL: The goal is to have 200 DVD Kiosks in place in shopping centres by the end of the year, each of which is hiring 100 videos per week on average. OBJECTIVES Design and develop Video Ezy and Blockbuster branded DVD kiosks by the end of …….Select …….number of titlesSelect………number of shopping centresManufacture of Kiosk and stock ……………videos by ……Negotiate walkway space rental agreements with 200 shopping centres by end of October.200 DVD kiosks in place in shopping centres by the end of ……………Each DVD kiosk to be hiring ……..videos per week on average by the end of the year On-line movie streaming GOAL: 48 hour rental of at least ………. movies available through websites by the end of the year, with total on-line rental sales of …….. Movies per week. OBJECTIVES: Select minimum of ……..movies to be available for on-line rental by end of ……….Negotiate rights to offer movies for rental with movie owners (film companies) by end of JulyMake modifications to blockbuster and Video Ezy websites to allow rental of movies by end of OctoberDesign and launch marketing campaign by start of NovemberWebsites to have total on-line rental sales of 40,000 movies per week by the end of the year Environmental Analysis POLITICAL ENVIRONMENTECONOMIC ENVIRONMENTAge restriction (under the age of 18)Movie classification e.g. PG, R etc.Political concern regarding members of the community acting out things they have seen in movies (e.g. copycat killings).Video piracyImpact on movies on HealthEconomic recessionPrice consciousnessExisting CompetitorsSignificant investment in infrastructureSignificant investment in Marketing campaignsOn-going cost to purchase the latest DVD’s as they are releasedAbility to sell rental DVD’s at the end of the rental life.SOCIAL ENVIRONMENTTECHNOLOGICAL ENVIRONMENTLack of time with people.Role of Social mediaKnowledge to operate for elderly peopleOpen to vandalism and theft.Technology SavvyCompetitor websitesPayment source securityViruses and MalwaresCustomer service at Kiosks Competitor analysis AttributesWeightRatings (Scale = 1-5: 1=Poor, 5=Excellent)Blockbuster / Video EzyCompetitor 1 QuickflixCompetitor 2 Hoyts KioskOrganisation size10%Market share15%Product Quality10%Ability to grow10%Available capital and resources15%Company image10%Marketing strategy10%Target markets5%Innovation culture15%Total100%Score (Average) Competitors Information Quickflix Hoyts Kiosk Major change requirements in Company’s Operation due to planned changes For the DVD kiosks, the following major change requirements will be required: R&D of prototype kiosks Skilled labour to repair the kiosks and update kiosks DVD’s stocking in the kiosks. For the on-line movie streaming, the following major change requirements will be required: Development and maintenance of the changes to the company websites Uploading of movies available for rental Customer Service Staff Cost Benefit Analysis DVD Kiosks Costs associated with purchasing and stocking 200 DVD kiosks will be as follows: No.ItemCost1Development of prototype DVD Kiosk2Testing and fine tuning of prototype3Market research4Cost of purchasing and installing 200 DVD kiosks5Cost of DVD’s to stock DVD kiosks6Promotional campaignTOTAL Total Cost: Outcome of Preliminary market research: Extra revenue will be generated. Expected Outcome: Pay off loan earler On-line movie streaming Costs associated with developing and rolling out on line movie streaming will be as follows: No.ItemCost1Development of websites2Testing and fine tuning3Full market research4Licence Cost to sell movies on line5Promotional campaign:TOTAL Total Cost: Outcome of Preliminary market research: Extra revenue will be generated. Expected Outcome: Pay off loan earlier Risk Analysis DVD Kiosks The risk analysis for the DVD Kiosks is as follows: No.RiskRisk RatingMitigation strategyRevised Risk1broken into or vandalised2Customers behaviour – Not returning DVD’s that they hire3DVD Kiosks will not be maintained and stocked with new release DVD’s4Sales will be significantly lower than expected5Existing competitors preoccupying the leading locations7DVD Kiosks are a technology that will be replaced by on-line rentals.8DVD Kiosks will not achieve market penetration On-line movie streaming The risk analysis for the on-line movie streaming is as follows: No.RiskRisk RatingMitigation strategyRevised Risk1Time consuming process to develop/ mend website.2Unexpected lower sales than expected3Hacker’s threat4Malware or computer viruses5Customer Loyalty to other Companies6Fail to upload new movies on regular basis Organisation Communication Plan Cover all these points in a paragraph. Once approved from Board of Directors,Meeting will be conducted with all employees and franchise ownersCommunicate: ObjectiveWhy changes are requiredHow it will be doneStrategyRole and responsibilitiesTime linesMonitoring StrategyReviewing processTraining Needs Potential barriers The potential barriers and strategies to overcome these barriers are as follows: No.Perceived BarrierStrategy to overcome barrier1Resistance to change by employees and Franchisees2Fearful of the changes3Why needed to be changed4Concern about damaging existing business (DVD stores)5Feared about loss of store income6feel they are not included in the changes to the business7how implementation of the changes is progressing8Unsure about required skills and knowledge required to perform relevant duties Staff Training Staff training will be provided in the following areas: DVD Kiosks: On-line movie streaming Implementation plan No.ItemStart dateEnd DateResponsiblePriority1Board Finalising the decision2Announce board decision to all internal staff3Announce board decision to all franchise owners4Arrange development of prototype DVD Kiosk for market testing.5Appoint and manage consultant to make changes to websites to allow on-line rental movie streaming for market testing6Conduct market testing and report results to project team and FEG board7Finalise design of DVD Kiosks based on market testing8Finalise design of websites based on market testing9Select supplier for DVD Kiosks and place order for 200 kiosks10Select movies to be available for rental streaming on company websitesNo.Itempriority11Organise supply of first 100 DVD Kiosks12Select and organise sites for placement of DVD Kiosks (including DVD’s to be stocked)12Purchase the licences to rent movies on-line13Develop promotional activity14Select personnel for maintaining and stocking DVD Kiosks and organise required training15Select personnel for maintaining and supporting on-line movie streaming and organise required training16Rollout first 100 DVD Kiosks and start operating17Go live with changes to company websites and start operating18Organise supply of final 100 DVD Kiosks19Rollout final 100 DVD Kiosks and start operating Team Roles and Responsibilities The following will be the roles and responsibilities for project team members: Project Manager Operations Manager Franchise Manager New Product Development (NPD) Manager IT Manager Marketing Manager Purchasing Manager Finance Manager 16.0 Conclusion 17.0 References POWER POINT PRESENTATION


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