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1. Using the simplified approach (do not refine results by using AGMA equations), design a single-reduction straight spur gear unit to operate from a 5.0-hp electric motor running at 900 rpm to drive a rotating machine operating at 80 rpm. The motor is to operate steadily at full rated power. Near-infinite life is desired. A reliability of 90 percent is acceptable for this application. It is proposed to use ASTM A-48 (class 40) gray castiron material for both gears. Using , properties for this material may be based on Chapter 3 data, except for surface fatigue strength, which may be taken as psi. A safety factor of 1.3 is desired. As part of the design procedure, select or determine the following so as to satisfy design specifications: a. Tooth system . b. Quality level. c. Diametral pitch. d. Pitch diameters. e. Center distance . f. Face width . g. Number of teeth on each gear. Do not attempt to evaluate heat generation.


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