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As a group write a report addressing the following tasks: 1. Establish your credentials in giving requirements engineering advice to ABC. Note that you are not a student in this case. You are required to undertake some research and identify qualifications, certificates or experiences related to requirements engineering that will add to your credentials. 2. Advise ABC Pty Ltd of the importance of requirements engineering, and the implications of not having in place proper requirement engineering practices in the project. 3. Advise ABC Pty Ltd of the key processes in requirements engineering in relation to the project. Provide (a) a description of each requirements engineering process; (b) the objectives, the main activities, key stakeholders and outputs of each process. 4. Advise ABC Pty Ltd of a plan for requirement elicitation for the proposed app. Given the nature of this app, what are the requirements elicitation activities you would perform? Justify your choices. Provide detailed descriptions of at least two requirements elicitation techniques. For example, if an interview is to be conducted, you will need to provide: • who are the interviewees; • who are the interviewers; • the interview questions; 5. Based on the case description and use common sense, for the proposed app, list a. At least two (2) business requirements; b. At least five (5) functional requirements; c. At least three (3) non-functional requirements; The requirements must satisfy the criteria of a “good” requirement discussed in Module 2.1.


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