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Are the statements that follow descriptions of the same system or of different systems? Explain your answer. (a) An atom of uranium 235 at rest and a neutron moving at 2000 m/s toward the atom are confined in a container with walls impervious to matter. (b) Same as in part (a), but the neutron is at rest and the uranium atom is moving toward the neutron with a speed of 130 m/s. (c) The fission products of the nuclear reaction between an atom of uranium 235 and a neutron, all at rest and confined in the same fixed volume container as in part (a). (d) Same as in part (c), but the fission products move with a total kinetic energy of 200 MeV. (e) Same as in part (c), except that the container walls are permeable to matter. Q: Of the descriptions given below, explain how you would define a system, that is, list the constituents, specifying whether their amounts are fixed or variable over a range of values, the parameters, specifying whether they are fixed or variable over a range of values, and give some description of the internal forces. In addition, give some description of the interactions that occur at the system boundary. (a) Air is being compressed into a bicycle tire by means of a pump. (b) A bottle is being filled with red wine. (c) Water is boiling in a pot, and a bunch of spaghei is being thrown in. (d) A gasoline—air mixture is burning in a closed stainless-steel rigid container, giving rise to products of combustion.


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