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M.Sc Project Management Year 2 : Assignment 3Question 1(a) Distinguish between qualitative and quantitative data.(b) Qualitative data analysis can involve summarizing, categorizing and structuring data. Give anexample of each.©. Write short notes on the following approaches to qualitative data analysis:Content/Thematic Analysis; Narrative analysis; Discourse Analysis(d) Computer-assisted qualitative data analysis software (CAQDAS) can help with projectmanagement and data organization. Give the essential features of such a software-the NVivo .Question 2(a) What is multivariate analysis?(b) Distinguish between the following types of multivariate analysis highlighting the specifictype of research question for which it is best suited:(i) Multiple regression analysis(v) Principal Component Analysis(iii) Factor Analysis(iii) Cluster Analysis(iv) Discriminant Analysis(v) Structural equation modelling (SEM)Question 3Define Cronbach’s Alpha and explain its use and interpretation in analysis of questionnaires.Question 4Refer to the data table given in class regarding the rating (Rating 1) of 60 passengers from 3different airlines. Using a statistical package, conduct a test to determine if there is a differencebetween the mean ratings among the 3 airlines. Give the output of the software.Question 5 : Case studiesCase Study 1 : Case Study 2 : Case Study 3: Case Study 4:


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